David West Jersey

David West Jersey

The debate on Kevin Durant and where he will be playing next season continues to grow as everybody seems to have their own opinion on if KD will be moving away from San Francisco.

Majority of sources say that Durant will be leaving the Warriors after this season even if the team goes on to win their third championship in a row. Nobody is sure where the two-time Finals MVP will land but there have been strong rumors of the star being linked to several sides including the Clippers, Lakers, and Knicks.

However, there is still the possibility that Durant will continue to play on with the Warriors next season. Former teammate David West is one of those people who believe that Durant isn’t going anywhere, he revealed his thoughts on the matter when he spoke to Steinmetz and Guru on 95.7 the Game.

West gives an alternate view of looking at the situation, the power forward once walked away from $11 million so that he could chase a ring with the Golden State Warriors. This may be why he believes that Durant’s head and heart will stay in Golden State as the side has the chance to win multiple more championships with their almost unbeatable lineup.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait a long time before we know the intentions of Durant as his main focus is achieving the ultimate three-peat of championships with the Warriors. Like most players in his position, the mindset of free agency for KD would change from week to week, from month to month, it’s a decision that Durant won’t want to rush into.

Alongside Steph Curry, Durant has led the way for the Warriors, putting the side in contention for another postseason long-term run. If he decides to reveal his intentions of leaving the Warriors, there will be 29 other franchises who will be licking their lips at the possibility of securing his talents for their own team.