Klay Thompson Jersey

Being an NBA star isn’t all glory, glamor and being able to dunk at will.

There are bumps and bruises to consider. Shooting slumps. Waking up and wondering if you’re in Houston or Philadelphia. Sometimes the team charter runs out of Skittles.Or this faux paus that will draw derision from your teammates that can stay with you for weeks, if not months: A misdirected text message. More embarrassing than a live turnover. The equivalent of scoring in the opponent’s basket.

“I’ve seen people do that on our team,” Warriors forward Kevon Looney told ABC-7’s Larry Beil on Beil’s “With Authority” podcast. “I’m really careful about that. That’s one thing you don’t want to do. We have guys on the team and you send them the wrong text, they’re going to clown you for at least a week straight. I know that Draymond is never going to let you live it down.”As one of the team’s younger players, Looney had to be hyper-vigilant. Even so, he fell into the trap. He was texting with one his friends one day, when one of Looney’s teammates texted asking Looney to do him a favor.

“I’m not going to do that for these people,” Looney texted, thinking he was communicating with his friend.

“I did send that (to his teammates),” Looney said. “They made me pay for that. But I ain’t the young guy anymore. We’ve got younger rookies. So I am looking forward to sending a group chat to go get me some donuts or something.”

“The worst offender for sending messages to the wrong party?” Looney was asked.

“Probably Klay (Thompson),” he said.You read correctly. The guy to whom a 25-footer is essentially a free throw, dribbles on his foot when trying to send a text.

Looney remembered when Thompson was cleared to play Game 4 of the Finals in June, having sat out Game 3 with a strained hamstring.

“He was sending motivational texts like, ‘I’m coming back tonight,’” Looney said. “‘I can’t wait to get out there. I’m (defending) the best player. I’m going to lock (him) up. I’m excited.’”

His teammates texted him congratulations and encouragement.“We were like, ‘Yeah, Klay!’” Looney said. “‘We’re excited for you too.’”Then came the unforced error.
“He was like, ‘This is the wrong (chat). This is for my brothers.’”

Nick Young Jersey

Nick Young is looking for a home, and he might find one somewhere that won’t make Golden State Warriors fans happy. Swaggy P, who evolved into the Swag Champ while winning a title with the Warriors in 2018, will be attending the Houston Rockets minicamp, with hopes of making the team
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After playing 80 games for the Warriors in 2017-18, and averaging 7.3 points per game on 37.7% three-point shooting, Young had trouble finding a home last year. The 12-year veteran didn’t break camp with a team, and joined the Denver Nuggets midseason when they were struck by the injury bug.Young appeared in just four games for the Nuggets, before returning players forced Denver to cut him. He never caught on with another team.Now he’s hoping to join the Rockets, a team he helped defeat during the 2018 playoffs. That was the year when the Rockets and Warriors met in the Western Conference Finals, with Houston take a 3-2 series lead, only for Golden State to come storming back. Young averaged 4.3 points per game in that series, and shot 40.0% from distance.

The Rockets are in need of depth and bench shooting, and Young could potentially provide that. Houston has a strong core of James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Eric Gordon, PJ Tucker, and Clint Capela, but is sorely lacking in talent behind those five.

Last year, the players who played the most minutes other than those five (substituting last year’s start point guard, Chris Paul, for this year’s), were Gerald Green, Austin Rivers, and Danuel House, Jr. Those still project to be the leading bench minutes, which tells you everything you need to know.

Omri Casspi Jersey

Israeli forward Omri Casspi is reportedly poised to return to local basketball powerhouse Maccabi Tel Aviv after a decade-long career in the NBA.

According to a report Sunday on Israel’s Sport 5 channel, Casspi, 31, has agreed on contract terms with the Tel Aviv squad and is expected to sign a deal in the coming days.The three-year contract is for $3.2 million, the report said.He is expected to be named team captain upon signing with Maccabi and will reportedly receive a job at the club after the contract expires.Before he was drafted by the Sacramento Kings in 2009 and became the first Israeli to ever play in the NBA, Casspi starred for Maccabi and helped it win a league title in the 2008-9 season.

Maccabi is the Israeli Basketball Premier League’s all-time winningest team and has been EuroLeague champion six times.Over his 10-year NBA career, Casspi played for the Kings, Minnesota Timberwolves, New Orleans Pelicans, Houston Rockets, Cleveland Cavaliers, Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors.

Casspi was left off the Warriors’ roster for the 2018 postseason, during which the team won the NBA Finals, but later received a championship ring.

He last played for the Grizzlies, but was released before the end of the season due to injury.He averaged 7.9 points and four rebounds in 20.3 minutes per game.