Patrick McCaw Jersey

Patrick McCaw Jersey

Golden State Warriors restricted free agent Patrick McCaw has an impending decision on his hands, with a $1.7 million qualifying offer still on the table for his services. The offer will expire on Oct. 1 at 11:59 p.m., and if picked up, he would have an implicit no-trade clause due to CBA rules, according to cap guru Albert Nahmad.

The Warriors could make him a restricted free agent once again next summer by extending a $2.1 million offer, which could increase to $3 million if he meets the starter criteria.

McCaw won’t get a much better deal elsewhere, even if he chooses to play the field, having shown limited amounts of his true potential during his last two seasons with the Warriors. Golden State isn’t able to promise him more minutes or a better role, due to the sheer depth of this team and the very limited opportunities available for a player who has yet to show any consistent areas of contribution during a solid stretch of time.

There is a reason why McCaw was the 15th and last player to be considered for a contract after the signing of newcomer Jonas Jerebko.

The enticement for extending a qualifying offer is his familiarity with the system, giving head coach Steve Kerr one less player to teach and a capable backup in case of an injury.

McCaw suffered a ghastly back injury himself at the end of last season after he was leveled by Vince Carter and fell on his back. The 22-year-old had to progress from walking, to running, to eventually conditioning himself back into playing shape, making his return in the latter end of the postseason, though getting only some spare minutes on the floor.